Jake Dypka / Director


Raised on a farm as a child, Jake Dypka came to Pretzel Films' attention after making a wedding video for his sister. He's come a long way since these humble beginnings, winning 3 IVCA golds for his first ever documentary "Prisoner" (including Best Documentary) and more recently a coveted Cannes YDA for his latest doco 'Sammy'.

Jake has directed films for many of the top advertising agencies and travelled the world since the start of his career, seeing rural China, the heart of the Ugandan jungle and even an Afghanistan war zone through the eye of the lens.
Jakes style is defined by his search for truth and story. There is real honesty to his work, free from pretence. These principles, when paired with his extraordinarily photographic eye, allow him to create works of great beauty - whether heart warming or powerfully disturbing.
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