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Pretzel win for Best P.R., Best Doc and Best Photography!

Network Rail talk Pretzel Films and the work we produce.

Reliability, value for money, trust and creativity.


  • The PJB Entry
  • 5th…brilliant, and phew! For weeks one stresses about the release of the Televisual Corporate Top 50 UK production companies. We live in our own bubble and can convince ourselves that the wider business world has no idea who we are, or really care....

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  • The JM Entry
  • As I'm stuck at Camden tube station.  Thanks to a loss of electricity my mind wonders what I'm going to do next Monday evening now that True Detective is sadly, but epically, ending. I don't think I've ever seen such a strong cinematic TV season. Th...

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  • The SW Entry
  • We’re only 11 weeks into 2014 but it feels like it’s been around for some time. And we’ve already had some winners. Nicole went into a box with Dappy and Evander and came out smelling of roses, we’ve watched the smallonewhoisn’tsm...

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